Code identification and character reading

Production is defined today by highly automated processes. Labels made using a number of different procedures must be reliably read or verified. This is true in the labeling of cast parts such as motors, gearing mechanisms with dotted numbers, scored chassis numbers, or stamped pistons. There are countless other examples of such identification systems – from laser labeling on camshafts to inkjet printing on attachment parts, and so on. The OCVision tackles the most difficult of optical character recognition tasks.

Optimum performance and adaptability

With OCVision, QUISS offers application-specific systems for character reading in the industrial environment. These are characterized particularly by their optimal adaptability to special types of labeling, labeling quality, the surface of the labeled part, and the conditions of the environment in which they are used.

The systems are configured to meet customer specifications. They read and inspect all types of labeling on all products at high speeds and with maximum reading accuracy. No matter what type of label is used, the OCVision systems recognize characters, barcodes, as well as data matrix codes.