Online inspection of adhesive and sealant application

For online inspection of adhesive and sealant applications we supply RTVision.t – an inspection system that provides a 100% continuous quality control. Completely integrated into the production process. The robust and intelligent algorithms used ensure the highest level of process security RTVision.t stands for experience, application of latest technology and successful implementation.


  • Efficient inspecting: position, width, gaps
  • Efficient timing: no additional cycle time
  • Cost efficient: no additional system construction; maintenance-free 360° sensor
  • High image processing frequency for high robot speeds
  • Fast teaching-in in just one set-up run
  • Simple and fast parameter setting

Better, faster, more efficient!

RTVision.t with Gigabit Ethernet cameras (GigE)

  • Total quality control also for highest robot speed
  • GigE enables trouble-free image transmission up to 50 m and more
  • Compact sensor unit
RTVision.t GigE Sensor