More awareness of quality: a sign of our times

Not only do today’s consumers expect high-quality products, they also expect high-quality packaging. These demands are passed on to the manufacturer – while production speeds are constantly increasing. Only the most advanced technology can guarantee the quality of packaged products and monitor production processes.

The solution: a high-speed inspection system

TCVision a new addition to the QUISS product line, provides 100% control of aluminum and steel packaging. It inspects such containers for deformation, dimensional accuracy, ridges, dents, cracks, completeness, and soiling. This modular system enables further inspection modules to be added as needed – as well as different reactions to defects.

Integrated network technology allows TCVision to be monitored from the office as well as on location, and thanks to its LAN functionality, it can be maintained remotely.


Can end inspection with TCVision.e system